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Wastewater resource use is the future growth instructions of sewer treatment and is also an inevitable need for sustainable human growth. Raw material extracted from sewer or sludge, such as minerals and phospholipids, can be made use of as printing and coloring raw materials, key adsorbents, and biological flocculants. It is used in water therapy, agriculture, horticulture, the paper market, treatment, the construction market, and other areas and has great value. Reusing value.


There are several types of microbes in the continuing to be sludge. For that reason, the substances drawn out from it has to be a mixture of different polymer compounds. Whether they are intracellular or extracellular polymer substances, they all have typical active teams, such as carboxyl, hydroxyl, and phosphate. Groups and various other functional groups. The existence of these teams allows the extracted polymer materials to be utilized as heavy metal ion adsorbents.

As a tidy therapy modern technology, ultrasonic waves do not need the enhancement of chemicals during the action and will not trigger second pollution. Ultrasonic waves can distribute flocs in the water stage, and the cavitation effect can damage huge fragments into tiny fragments. Ultrasound is an energy-intensive treatment technique, and its most significant downside is its high power intake, which limits the possibility of functional applications. Surfactant has a solubilizing impact, which can wash off healthy proteins on the cell membrane, enhance the leaks in the structure of the cell membrane layer by influencing the osmotic stress, and intensify the damages to the sludge floc. Furthermore, surfactant activity can advertise the removal of EPS from staying sludge, change the cell structure, and influence sludge residential properties.

Surfactant-enhanced ultrasonic approaches can be utilized to draw out all-natural polymer products and as a pretreatment technique to decrease energy intake. The increase in the extraction quantity of PSs from the remaining sludge under the action of surfactant-enhanced ultrasound results from the release of organic matter as a result of floc disintegration and cell dissolution.


First, surfactants, such as anionic (such as salt dodecyl sulfate, SDS) and cationic (such as cetyltrimethylammonium bromide, CTAB), are used to enhance the relationship between sludge and polymer substances. Communications between. They can lower the surface area tension of sludge, making it much easier for polymer compounds to separate from sludge.

Subsequently, ultrasound is presented to boost the extraction impact further. The strong vibration and shock waves created by ultrasonic waves can destroy the structure of sludge and rupture cell wall surfaces, thereby launching more polymer compounds. Additionally, ultrasound can likewise advertise the communication in between surfactants and polymer compounds, making the extraction procedure extra efficient.

During the extraction procedure, it is likewise essential to enhance the experimental criteria, such as the regularity, power, and action time of ultrasonic waves, to accomplish the best removal result.


As a whole, surfactant-enhanced ultrasonic removal of polymer materials in recurring sludge is an efficient and innovative technique. It not just enhances extraction performance however also aids expand the range of source utilization of remaining sludge, offering brand-new possibilities for the growth of sewage treatment and resource recuperation fields. Nonetheless, the sensible application of this technique calls for additional research study and optimization to address possible technological troubles and economic problems.


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