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How strong is the bactericidal effect of nano silver

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What's the purpose for nano silver?

Nano silver is comprised of nanoparticles made up of silver. They can be used as antibacterial and antifungal agents in industry, in the treatment of water, and items for the consumer market (such as clothing, cosmetics, childcare products such as food containers, clothing, and many more products). The concept of nanosilver can be described as silver elemental silver that has a particle size of nanometer in size. A nanosilver element is fine silver element with tiny particles of less than 100nm. Typically, it is between 25-50nm. The efficiency of nano silver is directly dependent on the size of its particles. The study concluded it that the smaller particle size, the stronger the sterilization results.

Nano silver is like colloidal gold?

The silver particles colloidal are created without a capping ingredient. On the other hand silver nanoparticles are coated by plant extracts. This makes them more durable and harmless to human tissue. Furthermore, due to the advancement of technology, the size of nanoparticles has become regular.

Can nano silver be used to kill germs?

Silver is a well-documented antibacterial chemical that has been confirmed to kill bacteria fungi and certain viruses. The antimicrobial effects are due to positively charged silver ions (Ag +)22,22. Silver ions fight microorganisms with various ways of action.

Nano silver cannot be seen in the eyes of the naked observer. A tiny amount of nano silver gets incorporated into the deionized liquid to form small colloidal solution with nano silver liquid. Its particle size is 500 or 1000 times less than those of cells. It's easily absorbed and excreted, as well as it can quickly and efficiently capture single bacteria, fungi, and viruses. This is distinct from the general antibiotics. Antibiotics only kill small number of bacteria, but not viruses. Nano-silver can kill more 500 kinds of bacteria viruses. It's a well-deserved 2nd "immune system" of the human body.

is Nano Silver healthy?

As a compound, silver naturally found in the world is considered quite safe. But, most people don't know enough about the health and environmental dangers of silver nanoparticles consequently the ingestion of colloidal Silver is considered to be risky.

Nano silver antibacterial Compared with other biological and chemical disinfectants, nano silver can kill more than 650 kinds of bacteria within just a few minutes. Broad-spectrum sterilization is not accompanied by any resistance to drug, and may help in wound healing, cell growth , and even damage. Repairing cells causes no harmful reaction and causes no irritation to the skin. This offers a lot of potential for widespread use of nano silver in antibacterial. It's the newest class of organic antibacterial compounds.

Is nano silver dangerous?

Nano silver can cause mild eye and skin irritation to the skin. It could also cause an mild skin allergen. Inhalation of nanoparticles of silver primarily causes liver and lungs to become ill. It's been proved that silver nanoparticles might be harmful to mammalian tissues.

The features of Nano Silver

1. A single antibiotic is able to kill approximately six types of pathogens while nano silver can kill many pathogens in the form of bacteria and microorganisms.

2. Nano silver can kill more than 650 kinds bacteria in less than a minute. This unique mechanism of bactericidal action allows nano silver particles quickly kill pathogenic bacteria with small amounts.

3. Nano silver particles possess super ability to get under the skin for 2 millimeters for sterilization, and they have high sterilizing power on ordinary bacteria, stubborn bacterial such as drug-resistant bacteria, as well as diseases of the tissues caused yeast.

4. Encourage wound healing by repairing and regenerating damaged cells, and decompose muscles expansion, boost antibacterial and anti-inflammatory improve wound healing speed and lessen scar formation.

5. Nano silver particles are produced using patented technologies, with an external film of protection, which will release gradually inside the human body thus the antibacterial effects are lasting and long-lasting.

6. The Nano Silver is bactericide that is not antibacterial The nano silver can kill various pathogenic microorganisms . They are more effective than antibiotics. The unique antibacterial mechanism that nano silver particles have 10nm size are able to kill quickly and instantly bacteria. They cause them to stop their reproductive capabilities and are unable to reproduce. In the next generation, drug resistance can effectively avoid repeated attacks caused by resistance to drugs.

Nano silver antibacterial mechanism

Nano silver particles sit interspersed between microscopic and macroscopic molecules and atoms. They show unique surface effects, tiny dimensions effects, quantum size effects and macro-sized quantum tunnel effects and easily get into diseases;

2. Nano silver's size is tiny and the percentage of volume of the surface is high. The state of bonding and the electronic status of the surface are distinct from inside the particle. Lack of coordination of surface atoms causes an increase in active sites on the surface, which have the essential conditions for antibacterial properties;

3. Nano-silver's strength of penetration it is able to fully and completely engage and fight pathogens creating stronger biological impacts. It has the advantages of superior safety, a wide antibiotic range and lasting sterilization time. Nanosilver's antibacterial qualities are significantly more effective in killing pathogenic bacilli, cocci and filamentous fungi compared to traditional silver ion and fungicides. Nano silver particles can be able to kill fungi, bacteria mycoplasma, chlamydia or other pathogenic microorganisms.

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